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LEER is the leader in providing quality Truck Caps, Tonneau Covers and a variety of accessories to give anglers durable and secure storage. These Caps, Covers and accessories, like the LEER Locker, protect your gear and tackle from the elements and theft too.

100 XQ Truck Cap

  • Unique throughout the industry, each LEER Model 100XQ is styled with body lines, details and other design elements inspired by the truck model it is made for. Each 100XQ uniquely enhances and completes the truck it fits.

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LEER 100 XL Truck Cap

  • The 100XL secures and protects valuable cargo that doesn’t belong in the back seat. A LEER custom-fit premium cap, the 100XL features side windows with twist-out vents and all-glass rear door with the LEER Twist handle.

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LEER 700 Tonneau Cover

  • The Tonneau that started a revolution! The LEER 700 showed truck owners that Tonneaus don’t have to be boring, they can be secure and stylish at the same time. The style lines and high-dimension details capture the essence of each truck model they fit. Get the best, the original high-dimension Tonneau.

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  • The LEER Locker is a ceiling mounted storage system that utilizes the wasted space of your truck cap to organize and secure your valuable property. Think of it as an overhead sliding drawer that’s ready to use anytime you need it and out of sight when you don’t. For anglers, the LEER Locker can stow away all your gear safely out of the way and locked up tight.

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