• Matt Arey loves LEER

    Matt Arey had a very successful year throughout the FLW Tour's entire season. Winning an event on Beaver Lake, having several other high finishes, and making it to the Forrest Wood Cup.

    Not only did Arey's high finishes lead him to a successful year, they led him to some extra money from LEER "Cover Cash". Arey was able to win the "Cover Cash" payout four times throughout the year, and he hopes that is just the beginning!

  • Thompkins turns 5 minutes into $500

    Forrest Wood Cup co-angler Timmy Thompkins earned extra money from the back of the boat at Lake Ouachita by being signed up for LEER’s “Cover Cash” bonus program.

    Thompkins had his truck topped with a LEER cap since before the start of this year’s FLW Tour season, but due to life’s hustle and bustle, he had yet to sign up for LEER “Cover Cash” as he made his way through the co-angler registration line Wednesday night before the Forrest Wood Cup.

  • Swindle Grinds it out on the Chesapeake

    Gerald Swindle's 4th place finish at the Bassmaster Elite Series event on the Upper Chesapeake Bay this past weekend was good enough to win the LEER "Cover Cash."

    His wife LeAnn says it will help pay for the veterinarian bill they received while at the tournament as a result the terrible stomach virus their new puppy Bama experienced.

    No matter what you use the money for - if you fish tournaments, it pays to run a LEER.

  • 4th place equals CASH for Barry Wilson

    Oftentimes, hardcore tournament anglers like Barry Wilson can get slightly discouraged with a 4th place finish. A high finish like this is great, without a doubt, but it can leave an angler with that "so close - yet so far" sort of feeling.

    Barry's recent 4th place finish at Lake Dardanelle for the FLW Rayovac event didn't leave him too sour, however, as he was able to cash in with LEER "Cover Cash". By being the highest placing eligible finisher, Barry took home some extra money after the event. Giving him just one more reason to look at the event in a positive light.

  • Brandon Card makes some money to cover wedding costs!

    Brandon Card was able to earn a couple bonuses to help cover his recent wedding costs with his 4th place finish on the St. Lawrence River in Waddington, NY.

    Card has a LEER truck cap on his 2012 Tundra that sported 92,531 miles on its odometer as he pulled away from his high finish.

  • Scott Canterbury kicks off FLW Season Right

    Scott Canterbury couldn't quite catch the leader of the FLW Tours first stop on Lake Toho, finishing in second place, but he was able to hold onto the top spot for LEER "Cover Cash". Bringing in a few extra dollars for Canterbury's pocket and making his second place finish a little easier to swallow.

    He just had to be the highest placing "Cover Cash" participant in the event and it made him eligible to cash in. If you own a LEER cap or Tonneau Cover make sure you are signed up for LEER "Cover Cash".

  • Clausen Cashes in on the Alabama River

    Luke Clausen was able to add to his winnings from the second Bassmaster Southern Open stop on the Alabama River with LEER "Cover Cash".

    Clausen's 6th place finish in the derby was good enough for him to take home the LEER "Cover Cash" -- allowing Clausen to roll out of Alabama with some extra cash in his pockets.

  • Travis Little turns 35th place into $$ via Leer Cover Cash

    Travis Little fished the Grand Lake FLW Rayovac as a co-angler this past April and turned his 35th place finish into money for his pocket by owning a Leer Truck Cap and being signed up for "Cover Cash".

    Remember, you don't have to win the tournament to be eligible for the payouts... you just have to be the highest placing finisher for a registered event! Sign up and start earning cover cash ASAP.

  • Cover Cash not just for boaters!

    Ronald Young knows that the LEER "Cover Cash" contingency program isn't applicable only for boaters, do you?

    Ronald recently raked in the LEER "Cover Cash" bonus with his 14th place finish from the back of the boat at the Lake Eufala FLW Tour event. Whether you fish as a boater or co-angler you need to sign up for 'Cover Cash' and earn some money for running a LEER.

  • Doug Jenkins gets paid with LEER "Cover Cash"

    Doug Jenkins is another BFL angler who has been lining his pockets with some extra money from the LEER Cover Cash contingency program.

    Doug cashed in with his finishes at Smith Mountain Lake and most recently at the Potomac River. Sign up and get paid just like Doug!


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