• Skeet Cashes In With LEER

    Not only does Skeet Reese drive the largest truck among all pro anglers, but he also caught the largest limit at the Bassmaster Elite Series event on Lakes Norfork and Bull Shoals.
    The 5-bass limit he brought to the scales on Day Three from Bull Shoals weighed more than 19 pounds, and vaulted him to a second place finish overall. The highly accomplished pro won $25,000 in prize money, and $500 in LEER “Cover Cash” for capping his highly recognizable yellow truck with a LEER.

  • New Angler Coupons Offered!

    Not covered with a LEER Truck Cap or Tonneau Cover yet? Now is the perfect time to buy using these coupons available through this new angler promotion! You can get up to $250 in total savings with a $125 off your cap purchase and a free remote lock system valued at $125.

  • 'Cover Cash' Making Big Waves with Walleye Anglers

    LEER’s new “Cover Cash” contingency program has gained a ton of traction with bass tournament competitors the past 12 months, and now dozens of walleye anglers are banking cash bonuses as part of the program too.
    Anglers like 2015 National Walleye Tour Angler of the Year Mark Courts have received over $1000 the past year just by owning a LEER truck cap or tonneau cover and signing up for this free angler bonus program.

  • Walleye Angler's cashing in with LEER

    The LEER Cover Cash contingency program has ramped up it's involvement with Walleye fishing tournaments and walleye anglers are buying in. In the last few months several walleye tournaments anglers have filed claim forms and cashed in with LEER Cover Cash, making extra money just for running a Leer truck cap or tonneau cover.

  • FLW Tour Pro Tom Redington reaping rewards of running a LEER

    Tom Redington competes on both the FLW Tour and fishes several FLW Rayovac events, maintaining a very busy schedule. With his countless hours on the road traveling in all sorts of conditions, LEER is the only truck cap he depends on.

    "I couldn't even image competing on the Tour without some sort of truck cap or cover," Redington said. "With as much as we travel, it is literally a necessity. My LEER is not only stylish and cohesive with my truck, it also helps to keep my gear organized, safe, and secure. It is a life saver."

  • Mike Burns cashes in with LEER

    Mike Burns made some extra money for his pockets with LEER Cover Cash at two recent Bass Champs team trail tournaments. With good finishes at both Lake Tawakoni and Lake Cedar Creek, Mike was the highest registered participant of "Cover Cash", taking home extra cash for his pocket!

    Get signed up for LEER Cover Cash, paying you cash money to run a Leer.

  • Faircloth Earns Deer Lease Money

    No surprise, just like so many other pro bass anglers who seem to think as much about whitetail deer as they do largemouth and smallmouth, Todd Faircloth’s thoughts turned quickly to his hunting lease moments after learning he’d won $500 in bonus money from LEER following his Bassmaster Elite Series victory on Lake St. Clair.

    “I’ll use that money to help pay for my deer lease this fall,” grinned a grateful Faircloth, who purchased a Toyota Tundra and LEER truck cap before the 2015 began.

  • The General Cashes in!

    Larry "The General" Nixon is one of the most recognized names and individuals in bass fishing. This is for good reason, too, as Nixon has won almost ever accolade a fisherman can imagine in his nearly 30 years of tournament bass fishing.

  • Matt Arey loves LEER

    Matt Arey had a very successful year throughout the FLW Tour's entire season. Winning an event on Beaver Lake, having several other high finishes, and making it to the Forrest Wood Cup.

    Not only did Arey's high finishes lead him to a successful year, they led him to some extra money from LEER "Cover Cash". Arey was able to win the "Cover Cash" payout four times throughout the year, and he hopes that is just the beginning!

  • Thompkins turns 5 minutes into $500

    Forrest Wood Cup co-angler Timmy Thompkins earned extra money from the back of the boat at Lake Ouachita by being signed up for LEER’s “Cover Cash” bonus program.

    Thompkins had his truck topped with a LEER cap since before the start of this year’s FLW Tour season, but due to life’s hustle and bustle, he had yet to sign up for LEER “Cover Cash” as he made his way through the co-angler registration line Wednesday night before the Forrest Wood Cup.


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