• 8th Place Earns Cox LEER Cover Cash

    John Cox was about to notch yet another top 10 finish at the Forrest Wood Cup on Lake Ouachita, but you wouldn’t have known it when I walked up on him in the parking lot. To be honest, Cox looked a little mad as he stowed his rods and prepared for weigh-in.
    And you can’t blame him. His competitive fire, and not being satisfied with anything less than 1st place, has helped Cox win well over a million dollars with a rod and reel in his career.

  • Lester Wins Cover Cash on St. Lawrence

    Brandon Lester might want to move to New York each summer. Not only is the weather far less suppressive than late summer tends to be near his home on the Tennessee- Alabama border, but Top 12 Bassmaster Elite Series finishes, and subsequent “Cover Cash” bonus checks from Leer truck caps and tonneau covers are also becoming the norm for Lester in New York-based tournaments each August.

  • Christie Cashes in with Contingencies

    Jason Christie is one of the best bass anglers alive right now. While the Garmin pro from eastern Oklahoma has made an impressive pile of money with a rod and reel throughout his career, don’t think that means he disregards opportunities for bonus cash through contingency programs. As a matter of fact, it’s quite the opposite.

  • Reese Wins Cover Cash on Kentucky Lake

    No pro angler drives a bigger truck than Skeet Reese, and very few rigs stay gone from home as long as his during the course of a Bassmaster Elite Series season.

    “I packed this truck in January at my home in Northern California. It hit the road for the first Bassmaster Elite Series event in Alabama back in February, and it won’t be back to California until October when the season is over,” says the former Bassmaster Classic Champion and Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year.

  • Cover Cash Not the Only Benefit of a LEER Truck Cap

    Truck caps and tonneau covers are becoming increasingly popular among folks who partake in outdoor recreation. If you like to camp, hunt, hike, travel, or fish and you own a truck, there is a good chance buying some kind of truck bed cover has crossed your mind.

    Truth is, truck caps are extremely functional and have a boatload of benefits for people who spend a lot of time outdoors, especially anglers. Several notable professional fishermen choose LEER products and kindly weighed-in on a few reasons why.

    - Safe, secure storage space -

  • Lawyer Earns Cover Cash on Okeechobee

    FLW Pro Jeremy Lawyer uses the term “relieved” to describe his 15th place finish on Florida’s infamous Lake Okeechobee, which kicked off his sophomore year on the FLW Tour. Lawyer also added “elated” to his list of emotions when he learned he’d be receiving another $500 for being the highest placing participant of the LEER “Cover Cash” Program.

  • Get Registered for Cover Cash

    Be sure to stop by and chat with us if you are fishing an FLW Tour or Costa Series event -- we'll have one of our field staff members and a LEER "Cover Cash" booth set up at every one of these events throughout the year. If you've already got a LEER product but don't want to register online (or over the phone) use these events as an opportunity to get registered in person. Or come with any questions, concerns, or comments you have regarding the program and we will be happy to help.

  • Tube Jigs, a Tractor, and Two Bonuses for Christie

    An hour after Jason Christie was done towing a green pumpkin tube around in 19-feet of water to win the $100,000 Advanced Auto Parts Bassmaster Elite Series on Lake St. Clair, he stood next to his boat and truck at the Metropark boat ramp and talked about towing a tractor around back home in Eastern Oklahoma.

  • Arey Earns Diaper Dollars

    Going into the 2017 Forrest Wood Cup tournament on beautiful Lake Murray, Quaker State pro Matt Arey had the same goal as the other 52 competitors fishing “The Cup” … to win. Arey is an incredibly accomplished angler and goes into most every tournament with that same mindset.

    While Arey ultimately fell short of his goal, he did end up with his favorite 14th place finish of his career. That’s because his 14th place finish at the Forrest Wood Cup earned him $1000 for being the highest finishing LEER Cover Cash participant.

  • Kevin VanDam lines his pockets with Cover Cash

    Kevin VanDam is the most dominant angler in the history of professional bass fishing, and like a lot of pros, he chooses to keep his most treasured fishing and marine equipment dry and secure with a LEER truck cap.


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