Lawyer Earns Cover Cash on Okeechobee

FLW Pro Jeremy Lawyer uses the term “relieved” to describe his 15th place finish on Florida’s infamous Lake Okeechobee, which kicked off his sophomore year on the FLW Tour. Lawyer also added “elated” to his list of emotions when he learned he’d be receiving another $500 for being the highest placing participant of the LEER “Cover Cash” Program.

“Florida fish are quite a bit different from the bass back home in Missouri,” Lawyer admits. “Last year, my rookie year, was the first time I had ever traveled to Florida to fish for bass; and it didn’t go so well. So to come away from Okeechobee with a solid check is terrific, and an extra $500 from Cover Cash is icing on the cake!”

Lawyer has been a longtime participant of “Cover Cash” – the free-to-register contingency program offered to anglers owning a LEER truck cap or tonneau cover – and has earned himself a few thousand dollars in the process.

“Originally I owned a LEER tonneau cover; it was a perfect fit for me when I was fishing locally and regionally,” Lawyer says. “The tonneau cover was affordable and gave me enough space for the equipment that I needed. But after one year of fishing the FLW Tour I knew I had to step up to a full-size cap. You just don’t realize how much tackle and other miscellaneous gear you need to pack until you get out there on the road. That camper shell is a lifesaver.”

Whether you own a LEER truck cap or a tonneau cover, you’re eligible for cash payouts if you register for LEER “Cover Cash” and compete in program-supported tournaments. The payouts are identical regardless of the product type covering your truck bed – as long as it’s a LEER.

While Lawyer caught every fish he weighed on Lake Okeechobee with two lures – a Zoom Ultra Vibe Speed Worm and a ½-ounce swim jig – he prefers to keep a copious amount of fishing lures with him at all times. On top of his substantial supply of fishing tackle, Lawyer has found his LEER cap to be an ideal place to store spare boat parts, tools, and a myriad of other items during the off-season.

The support LEER gives the angling community, coupled with the opportunity to earn extra money at “Cover Cash” eligible tournaments, made the decision easy for Lawyer when it came time to purchase a new truck cap.

“Personally I always try to give my business to companies that support the fishing industry,” Lawyer adds. “I’ve always been a fan of LEER products, but the support they give us at FLW, as well as the Cover Cash contingency program, made the decision a no-brainer when I was shopping for a new cap.”

For a full list of “Cover Cash” supported tournaments, to get registered, or for more information on the program, visit to

If you’d rather pick up a phone than use your computer, call (918) 742-6424 and ask for Kendell – she’ll be happy to tell you more about the program and to help you get registered.