Cover Cash Not the Only Benefit of a LEER Truck Cap

Truck caps and tonneau covers are becoming increasingly popular among folks who partake in outdoor recreation. If you like to camp, hunt, hike, travel, or fish and you own a truck, there is a good chance buying some kind of truck bed cover has crossed your mind.

Truth is, truck caps are extremely functional and have a boatload of benefits for people who spend a lot of time outdoors, especially anglers. Several notable professional fishermen choose LEER products and kindly weighed-in on a few reasons why.

- Safe, secure storage space -

Arguably the number one reason anglers and outdoorsman add a truck cap to their vehicle is to allow for safe and secure additional storage space. Truck beds are a beautiful thing, and a great place to haul cumbersome items. But if you run into inclement weather, or you need to store your equipment overnight, a truck bed might not be an option. In these scenarios, a truck cap or tonneau cover becomes worth its weight in gold.

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Terry Scroggins was reminded this lesson during the first tournament of the 2018 season on Lake Martin. Scroggins was unable to have his truck cap installed on his new Tundra before the event and had to spend 10 days on the road “capless”.

“I forgot how much I rely on a truck cap until I had to spend over a week on the road without one,” Scroggins said. “I typically keep my LEER cap absolutely packed full of extra rods, reels, tackle, fishing line, and spare boat parts. I’ve always gotten the keyless entry option with my truck caps, so all I have to do is hit the lock button on my key-fob and I know my gear is safe and sound.

“Without a cap for the Lake Martin event, I was unable to bring a lot of the extra tackle and equipment I usually like to have with me. And the gear I did bring, I was hauling into the hotel room every night, and then back out to the truck and boat in the morning. Doesn’t sound like a huge deal, I know, but the small inconveniences wear on you during a 10-day fishing trip. I drove straight to the shop and had my LEER cap installed right when I got home from Lake Martin.”

- Organization and looks -

Storage space isn’t the only reason anglers are outfitting their trucks with a cap or tonneau cover. A truck cap offers the ability to keep your gear or equipment much more organized, as well. Two-time Toyota Angler of the Year Gerald Swindle will be the first to tell you how important organization is.

“When your job is to travel the country and fish, organization is everything,” Swindle said. “I’ve got the DECKED drawer system and a LEER Locker to go along with my cap to help optimize my organization. I keep my cap stocked with extra tackle, extra rods, reels, spare boat parts, more tools than a mechanic shop, and a healthy supply of DUDE Wipes. I leave out on every trip knowing exactly where each item is stored, and that wouldn’t be possible without a truck cap.”

Staying organized saves Swindle precious minutes each morning before launching his boat. Those extra minutes are helpful whether you are fishing at the highest level like “G-Man”, going camping with your family, or entering a local jackpot tournament. Whether he needs a wrench to tighten a loose trolling motor bolt, or a trailer hook for a buzzbait Swindle knows it’ll be right where he packed it.

Swindle’s love for LEER isn’t all about functionality, however, as he feels a truck cap adds an important look to his rig.

“On top of keeping things organized I honestly just like the look of a LEER,” Swindle admitted. “A simple design and build with clean lines that flow extremely nicely with my Toyota Tundra, and helps transform the look of my rig. It gives me extra space to store my gear, keeps it organized, keeps it dry, and by God it just looks good. What more could you ask for?”

- LEER "Cover Cash" -

Along with adding additional storage space and keeping your gear safe and organized, a LEER truck cap or tonneau cover gives anglers of all levels an opportunity to earn bonus money. Through LEER “Cover Cash”, a contingency program offered to both boaters and co-anglers who own a LEER product, you can earn extra cash if you’re the highest placing participant in a sanctioned “Cover Cash” event.

You don’t have to be a full time touring pro angler to reap the benefits of “Cover Cash”, either. “Cover Cash” pays out on a myriad of different bass and walleye tournament trails, including FLW BFLs and Bassmaster Opens. For a full list of eligible events follow this link: