Cover Cash fills Alex Davis's Gas Tanks

FLW Tour pro Alex Davis hauled in the $500 LEER “Cover Cash” award for his third-place finish at the FLW Tour’s opening event on Lake Guntersville. Davis is no stranger to LEER products. The very first truck he owned was a used model he purchased as a 16-year-old, and Davis fondly remembers it having a LEER cap.

“I’ve always associated LEER with quality products,” Davis says. “That first cap looked good and kept my gear safe and dry in my truck bed. I loved it. So, of course, when the “Cover Cash” program came out, my truck cap choice was a no-brainer.”

That no-brainer has turned out to be quite lucrative for Davis since “Cover Cash” went into effect three years ago. Davis has filled his pockets with LEER Cover Cash many times throughout the years while competing in American Bass Angler tournaments, T-H Marine FLW Bass Fishing League events, Costa FLW Series derbies and recently on the FLW Tour.

“In all honesty I’ve nearly paid for my last two LEER caps with money I made from the “Cover Cash” program,” Davis says. “It seems a lot of BFL anglers don’t have truck caps or tonneau covers, so I was able to cash in on those tournaments regularly. Shoot, I know of tournaments where I won the “Cover Cash” bonus with a 20th- or 30th-place finish.”

As Davis said, by no means do you need to win a tournament to be eligible to earn LEER “Cover Cash.” You just have to be the highest-placing eligible participant in a sanctioned “Cover Cash” event. Even better, it’s available to both boaters and co-anglers.

When asked what he planned on spending his newly acquired $500 “Cover Cash” bonus on, Davis was quick to respond with an expense all anglers are familiar with.

“It’s going right in the gas tank. It may not sound too glamorous, but it’s a huge help. I’m leaving Lake Travis here in Texas and heading back east all the way to Florida’s Harris Chain. I’m tickled to death for the ‘Cover Cash.’ It will help to fill up my truck and boat gas tanks along the way.”

For more information, or for a full list of eligible tournaments included in the LEER “Cover Cash” program, head to Or simply pick up a phone and give Kendell a call at 918.742.6424, and she’ll help to get you signed up.