Arey Earns Diaper Dollars

Going into the 2017 Forrest Wood Cup tournament on beautiful Lake Murray, Quaker State pro Matt Arey had the same goal as the other 52 competitors fishing “The Cup” … to win. Arey is an incredibly accomplished angler and goes into most every tournament with that same mindset.

While Arey ultimately fell short of his goal, he did end up with his favorite 14th place finish of his career. That’s because his 14th place finish at the Forrest Wood Cup earned him $1000 for being the highest finishing LEER Cover Cash participant.

Arey has been a longtime member of the LEER Cover Cash program and has won Cover Cash at BFL events, Costa level events, and most recently at the 2017 Forrest Wood Cup.

When asked what he thought he might spend his $1000 of “Cover Cash” on, Arey’s decision was easy.

“Anytime I get a bonus it goes directly to my girls,” Arey grinned. “I’ve got two little girls. One is 5 years old and my second angel is only about 3 months old right now. So I plan on that money going right into diapers most likely.”

With hunting season being around the corner, and Arey being an avid hunter, it’s fair to assume his bonus money might go to fund his archery hunting efforts. But it was easy to see Arey’s love and passion for his family easily trumped his hunting hobbies; as he reiterated his daughters are usually the ones who benefit from any extra money he earns through contingency programs.

Arey has enjoyed several of these bonuses, too. Cashing numerous checks over the last three years through the LEER Cover Cash program as well as quite a few Toyota Bonus Bucks rewards. Adding money to his pockets, on top of tournament earnings that Arey can then use to spoil his family.

Arey was quick to point out that besides for a pair of FLW Tour wins on Beaver Lake, he has earned his Cover Cash and Bonus Bucks checks when he didn’t finish at the top of the leaderboard.

Anglers don’t need to win a tournament to be eligible to win the LEER Cover Cash or Toyota Bonus Buck awards; they simply have to be the highest placing eligible participant in a sanctioned event. Arey earning $1000 of Cover Cash for his 14th finish in the Forrest Wood Cup is only the most recent example.

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