2017 Angler Coupons Available!

LEER just launched special coupon offers on select products specifically for anglers and the outdoor community.

Find these coupons on leercovercash.com or by following this link: http://www.leer.com/cover-cash-offer
The angler coupons include up to $100 in savings on LEER’s 100XQ, 100XL, and 100XR models of truck caps. If you’re in the market for a cap or tonneau cover, these coupons offer the perfect opportunity to get yourself covered for a discounted price.

If you’re a current LEER owner, or you use these angler coupons to purchase a LEER truck cap or tonneau cover, be sure to register for “Cover Cash”. Cover Cash is free to register for, and pays out to over 300 sanctioned walleye and bass fishing tournaments. The payout values vary from $150 to $1000, and you don’t have to win the event to be eligible for the “Cover Cash”, you simply have to be the highest placing registered finisher.

Also included in the angler coupons is a $75 instant rebate on the outdoorsman friendly LEER Locker. The LEER Locker is insanely popular among professional level and regional level anglers alike. Installed into the top of your truck cap, the LEER Locker utilizes what would otherwise be wasted space, and is a perfect home for items you need to get to quickly.

“My LEER Locker is the best thing since sliced bread,” grinned FLW Tour pro Barry Wilson. “I keep jumper cables, tools, a bunch of tackle, and anything else I might need in a hurry before a tournament day or practice day up there. Right now I have 26 Plano 3700 Boxes filled with baits in my LEER Locker, and I still have extra space. Being able to keep those little things organized is extremely convenient and saves me tons of time throughout the year.”

Find these angler coupons via this link: http://www.leer.com/cover-cash-offer . While you can register, or find more info, on “Cover Cash” here: http://leercovercash.com . If you’d rather call than click, give (918) 742-6424 a ring, ask for Kendell or Jessica, and they will answer anything you need to know.